Robes and Vulnerability

“They dressed him (Jesus) up in an elegant robe”
Luke 23:11

They’re obviously mocking Jesus. He was stripped, practically naked.

Was his vulnerability too much for them?
Was he too exposed?
The image too real?
His heart of love worn on his sleeve too much for them?

He was naked.
They mocked him.

Did they, for a moment, realize that maybe he was the King and quickly mocked and robed him?

Does someone’s transparency and vulnerability sometimes cause others to mock and create their own image of the other? A safer image. Or an image they can mock?

Vulnerability and (religious) absolutism clash.
Transparency and nakedness seems too uncomfortable for the well suited.

His naked silence was met with mocking contempt, a robe to cover the truth.

And the truth?
“Not my will but your will be done”
“Father, forgive them”
“Into your hands I commit my spirit”

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