The Gospel is Weird

Christians, which literally (and I use this word a lot) means “Like Christ”, believe that Jesus is God in the flesh. We don’t believe that Jesus is like God or just a cool, ethical teacher. No. This person is God in the flesh. Yes, that’s weird to wrap our heads around. But so are other […]

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God’s Delight and Discernment

“God will use all your decisions, changeable and unchangeable, for your ongoing growth and development. There is nothing you can do to prevent God from bringing good out of the raw materials of your choices and the resulting circumstances. God can write straight using crooked lines.” – Larry Warner Discernment, God’s Will & Living Jesus: […]

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Optics of Fear

When I was in high school, I joined the track team and ran the mile and half mile.  I also ran cross country.  In 9th grade, I was the league champ for the frosh/soph category.  I ran a 17:39 5k.  Same year, I was training to run a 4:30 mile.  The closest I got was […]

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Liberated from Fear

We are afraid of fear because we believe that it has the power to name who we are, and it fills us with shame. We feel ashamed that we’re going around as a fearful person, and so we pretend that we’re not afraid. We try our best to find our own way out of feeling […]

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Your Story Takes Courage

Your life is a story.  It has a past/present/future.  There are plot twists, characters, and different settings. Your story contains a DNA strand of purpose and meaning.  All of it is material that is trying to tell you something about you and this world. There are beliefs, experiences, and people that have helped give shape […]

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From pain to belovedness

Being away from home can be disorienting. The familiar is suspended for the unknown. Being at home in the deep places of my heart when traveling happens when I return to the message of belovedness. New settings may trigger old anxieties. Being away from home can make me feel like a lost stranger in a […]

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