Spiritual Formation: on Evasion

“Evasion is directly related to both the closeness of God’s approach to us and to our instinctive withdrawal from God‘s presence. Experiences of God as mystery evoke awe, even fear, in the face of the numinous and uncontrollable otherness of God….T.S. Elliot [says]… ‘if you’ve never run away from God, I wonder who your God […]

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Words I Hear as a Chaplain

Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve been trying my best to listen to each word, inflection, and ways employees are communicating. I’m convinced that it’s in these words and communion that something holy is happening. Yes, there is pain and loss. But there is also marks of God’s presence nearby. Just gotta look underneath the […]

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Progression of Desires

During my training as a spiritual director, I was fascinated with how much Ignatian spirituality was focused on exploring desires. It’s one of Jesus’ primary questions: “What do you want?” This was life changing for me because we are basically a big mess of desires! And who doesn’t care deeply about their desires, their wants! […]

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Rumors During a Crisis Repost

I’ve wondered how and why so many rumors are believed, shared, and talked about. We are “story” natured so we tend to make meaning through storytelling. These “stories” serve to express feelings and maybe even repressed anxieties we’ve had along the way. Rumors work in much the same way. We’re trying to make sense of […]

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Midday Prayers 4.29.2020

Psalm Reading: Psalm 38: 9-11, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22Silence 30 secondsGospel Reading: Matthew 3:13-17Silence 15 secondsDevotional ReadingSilence 15 secondsSelf-Examination QuestionPrayers of the PeopleOur Father PrayerBenediction Psalm 38: 9-11, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22 9 All my longings lie open before you, Lord;my sighing is not hidden from you.10 My heart pounds, my strength fails […]

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Curiosity is Essential to Survival

I wrote this piece for SquarePatch.org today. I’ve been thinking about what is essential during this pandemic and crisis. Curiosity is essential to survival.  Grazer uses the example of early life tribes that had to use the power of story to share experiences of new discoveries.  Fire. Water. Discovering that you can boil potatoes. Or […]

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The Entry to Joy

I guess if I think hard enough, looking back, I most experience joy when I’m not pretending. When I live in the reality that I am not whole or perfect, I can enter into the possibility acceptance and hope. When I play drums or have to track a song, I am most alive when I […]

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Worthiness in Crisis

As chaplains, our call (not our job) is to come alongside others and point them to bigger realities, even a transcendent one. The last three weeks have been heavy conversations of anxiety, questions, and uncertainties. Visiting an empty shop with tools sitting around and racks not being used was heavy. But it made me think […]

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Morning Thoughts 3.16.2020

From Walter Brueggemann’s Lenten Devotional with the sum of the gospel: *that we are caught in the snares of death; *that we have been rescued by the power of God; *that we are released to a new life of gratitude. We can be on our way with new life and new energy, and new noticing […]

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