Morning Meditation: 6.12.2020

Can you and I just confess that we need instruction and direction?  That we get stuck in life, need direction, or just some plain encouragement to keep doing good?

My morning times are a means for me to pull myself together and “get into” God’s presence.  Sometimes there is a sense of God’s nearness and warmth.  And other times, it’s flat and boring.  But I suspect both of us are glad the other showed up.  

In these morning times, I read scripture, meditate, and listen.  

Today’s readings offer a reminder to fear God (not in a scary way, but in a respectful manner) because everything we say and do, both good and evil, will be seen and discussed in His presence.  

The liturgists continue by reminding us that since we have received the Spirit, we are to not get burned out as we work for the common good.  

Since we can be a goal oriented workplace and society, here’s a goal:  set your mind this morning to be about the common good for those in your workspace, family space, and network.  

Let’s continue to sow acts of love, mercy, and compassion. This might mean having some conversations with folks and getting into the griddyness of life. But you’re our hope. This current new normal is calling us to live in civility, giving our lives away to one another. We all have a stake in it.

Father, Son, Spirit: we pray for the Spirit to renew us today so that we might seek and do the common good in the pockets of life we have. In this manner, we will give life and receive life from one another. Amen.

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