Mutual Empowerment

Since the pain and hurt we feel as a nation is caused by un-wielded power, empower others. How? Here’s an example. A wealthy, white business man took a chance to empower me for a new service at his company. I provide corporate chaplaincy services to a dealer group because someone believed in me and gave me a shot. He used his power and influence to open doors for me.

Another example: a black pastor has been empowering me to be more vocal and own my gifts. He’s even providing platforms and spaces for me to unravel my areas of concentration: work and worship. Public spaces and public pastoring.

A third example: Christina is being asked to lead worship and be all of her true self. As a woman, being invited to the table to lead and influence is a BIG DEAL!

Being empowered by others doesn’t mean I was powerless. It means that others recognize, affirm, and create spaces for all of us to be who God has intended us to be.

#blacklivesmatter is not a political statement, although it should influence politics. I take it as a prophetic movement that affirms and empowers the black community. And when the black community is empowered, WE’RE ALL EMPOWERED!

To empower doesn’t mean that the one empowering will lose power. It means there is a partnership, a mutual relationship of respect and trust that creates a system where ALL can flourish.

While the a prophetic word is cause for correction, it doesn’t stay in this “gut wrenching place”. It points to hope and ways for all to experience wholeness and flourishing.

When I focus on negative traits or aspects of my marriage (or myself), I feel depressed and in the dumps. But when I focus and adapt to the strengths, life opens up in different ways!

I’ve been thinking about how Jesus says He is the way and the Truth. Truth feels so subjective and slanted these days. We have a conflict of ideas, as facebook user said recently. Truth for Christ followers is shaped by the life, words, and deeds of Jesus. And His relationship to the Father and Spirit. This triune communion is in partnership with one another.

How can we be shaped by the Truth? We submit to Lordship and surrender to the God who longs to heal and reconcile.

This week, I pray and hope for ways to partner with others who want to see empowerment of others, mutual flourishing, and truth being shaped by a relationship with Jesus.

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