Worthiness in Crisis

As chaplains, our call (not our job) is to come alongside others and point them to bigger realities, even a transcendent one. The last three weeks have been heavy conversations of anxiety, questions, and uncertainties.

Visiting an empty shop with tools sitting around and racks not being used was heavy. But it made me think of how workers are feeling right now….sitting around not being purposeful. Work in many ways provides some meaning and purpose. We look to our hands and creativity to make something of a common good service to offer others.

  • That car being repaired that is going to help a young mother go to the grocery store to do the toilet paper run
  • The person who needs to buy a car because their lease is up
  • The essential worker needs a new work truck
  • Accounting programs that require someone to review each detail
  • Cars made beautiful by our hard working detailers

At Hoehn Motors, we offer a service to others that is purposeful and meaningful! It makes a difference. You as the employee make that difference.

During this pandemic, my prayer is that you see how valuable and meaningful you are. I know this is rough. I’m hearing the stories. But you have what it takes to get through this. I know you do. I’ve seen you at your best!

I miss you. I’m praying for you and our work community. I’m here to listen, pray, and try to make sense of all of this WITH you.

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