Morning Thoughts 3.16.2020

From Walter Brueggemann’s Lenten Devotional with the sum of the gospel:

*that we are caught in the snares of death;
*that we have been rescued by the power of God;
*that we are released to a new life of gratitude.

We can be on our way with new life and new energy, and new noticing about the need in the world and the resources for healing, seeing now that old enemies are really needy neighbors, seeing that what looked like scarcity is enough when shared, enough to feed a crowd when there is gratitude. And we find that we are less greedy, less anxious, less coercive, less self-preoccupied, because we are able to rest our lives and our bodies down in the bottomless goodness of God.

Brueggemann, Walter. A Way other than Our Own: Devotions for Lent (p. 40). Presbyterian Publishing. Kindle Edition.

A faith rooted in Jesus stays focused on the power of the cross and resurrection when it goes through crisis. We understand that we need rescuing, but that we are also released into a life of gratitude. It makes us be people who don’t just seek self-preservation at the expense of others.

A friend today said that America is a spoiled people. The moment something may be taken from us, we self-protect and hoard at the expense of neighbor.

The Lenten season is about grieving what’s wrong in our spiritual life. Where are we greedy, hoarding, self-protective? Where are we spoiled, self-seeking, and blind?

I was grocery shopping early this morning for the boys. They’re gonna be home for three weeks and we were getting essentials. I was deeply saddened to see shelves of food empty because people bought more than they needed. It’s not the only reason shelves were empty. Most families, like ours, needed to stock up while teenagers are at home. I asked grocery clerks how it was going. Most of them were shocked over how panicked customers were and how much they were hoarding. One clerk said, “I can’t believe how selfish people are…”

Lord Jesus, heal our selfish hearts. Rescue us that we might live in gratefulness, abundance, and God’s goodness.

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