The Work of Prayer and Mindfulness

The work of prayer is to do all the RE’s. I’m also sharing some prayer responses below of I’ve sensed God at work.

  • remember
  • reorient
  • reconcile
  • renew
  • redeem
  • return
  • restore
  • revive
  • replenish

God is in the business of STAYING active in our lives, even when we feel hopeless, tired, spent, hurt, weak, lifeless.

Prayer is asking…”God….
– How are you with me in this moment
– What might you be saying to me
– What do I most need/want

Mondays at work are a great way to start the week with prayer. We can pray for our workplace: tasks, culture, leaders, conflicts. God is with us in all of the work.

We can also, as we get away from family and sit in our workspaces, pray for our families, relationships, hopes, needs, hurts, etc. God cares about the daily material of your life!

Just the other day, I was praying for someone without them knowing, and within two minutes, I received a text message from them. It was a moment of affirmation that God cared.

Another example: I was wrestling with a decision I had made and in the middle of the night, I had a dream with a specific mandate of what to do. I woke up the next morning and addressed the situation. The weight I was feeling fell off and I was reminded of goals I had been praying about.

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