This Little Girl

Many times as I’m about to pray or read the bible, I’m anticipating and hoping for a life changing experience. I want the feels, the revelation insights, or the sweet moments of inspiration.

I pray and read thinking that I will find a new insight that will transform my life. If you’ve been in christian culture for a while, you know what I’m talking about so don’t front. 😉

Today, I read 2 Kings 5, 1 Cor. 4, Matthew 5, and Psalm 80. All have great content and something profound to offer. But to be honest, I was riddled by the story in 2 Kings 5. Specifically about “the little girl from Israel”. This “little girl” is juxtaposed by Namaan, a valiant soldier. He has a skin disease but is a man of power. The little girl’s name is not given and she has one line in the whole story that is about to change Namaan’s life.

A little Girl.
One line in the whole story.

Did I forget to mention that she is a slave but instead of seeking revenge, she points Namaan to a possible cure of his skin condition.

Namaan is the enemy: slave owner, soldier who killed the little girls community.

But this little girl from Israel values the heart of Yahweh. She learned it from the great prophet, Elisha.

God doesn’t just want us to obey him. He wants us to value what He values. “This little girl from Israel” learned what God valued and she began to value it too.

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