Longing for Greatness

We have a fire inside of us that longs for greatness.  We want to be special, make a mark in this world, be famous, and do great things.  This is the divine fire inside of us that God has implanted in our depths.

We also have to remember what we’re capable of:  hatred, envy, power mongering, abuse.

Giving expression to the deep longings in us and also recognizing our limitations is hard work.  At times, there is a growing awareness of being in the flow of divine fire, living out of our gifts/talents/passions.  And then without notice, the insipid darkness knocks at the door and reminds us that we less than divine.  A sharp tongue that cuts someone.  An act of impulse that leaves us feeling more lonely and ashamed.  It’s the constant holy tension in life.

We long to be great.  We are made for greatness.  We are also capable of foul play.

How do we reconcile this great and terrible fire?  God has made us and we are most at home with God.  It may not seem like an answer that pleases you and I.  But it might just be why Jesus keeps telling his band of followers to make their home (remain in me) with Him.

Go be great today.  Just remember that ultimately your greatness is rooted in the God who made you.

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