Inspired Effort and True Selves

We don’t ever stop discovering our true selves.  At least we shouldn’t stop the discovery process.  The premise is that as we keep working at life/work/goals, we are discovering new insights about ourselves that are helping us to be more at home with ourselves and in this world.

We don’t want to see a copycat you.  We want to see someone who has wrestled with life to discover their true hiddenness of goodness.

Much of life seems to be a mutual participation with inspired effort and gracious waiting.  We are not to be passive people who just “wait” for something to happen. We have an inner power of consent, to give ourselves over to the process and journey of discovering the true self.

We keep chipping away at the sculpture and discover more details about ourselves.  These insights help us to determine how we spend our time and resources, and what to focus on.  

We keep getting closer and closer to what our gifts and talents are, and how best to use them in the world.  We keep getting closer to insights about what we truly long for (I love music collaboration and creation with others…it’s a great feeling to create something with others).  

So what do you want?  What do you really want?  I bet you it’s not really a new car or house.  It might be nice to have those things. What we really want is buried deep within.  Get a shovel and start digging. The true self is waiting to be found.



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