Naming Your Fears

“What is named, is transformed”
“But what is not transformed, gets transmitted”

Insights worth thinking about and practicing.

It’s time to name the fears.  The night shadows, monsters underneath the bed, the high school crush you had but were afraid to ask to the dance….time for the fears to be confronted.

Fear literally means danger.  It’s something that you feel threatened by.  Psychologists keep telling us that many respond through fight, flight, fright (freeze).  Whatever the fear, it has caused you and I to either get combative, abandon the post, or become paralyzed.

Fear of not being good enough
Fear of not having what it takes
Fear of having the heart broken (so don’t try…this is the fear of success)
Fear of the pain a decision will cause (not feeling like you can endure it)
Fear of being a fraud
Fear of not being accepted or liked

What are your current fears?  Can you name them?  Can you befriend them so that, like the movie Monsters Inc, you can realize that the fears are not the end of the world.

In my faith tradition, the great hope when it comes to fear is God’s presence (God is with us), be strong and courageous, and my favorite one “belovedness baffles fear” (my interpretation).

When I meditate on God’s love for me, how God is for me, there is an inner voice of love that calls out:  “I’ve loved you before you screwed up, during your mess ups, and after your successes.  I will always keep choosing you, even when you reject me, doubt me, or run away from me.”

I’m all too familiar with the voice of fear.  Just scroll up and read the lines of fear.  I’m learning that in order to overcome fear, we need to become present to God and allow Him to wash over our fears with His deep acceptance and blessing over us.

In the beginning, when humanity was created, he looked at us and said, “you are good, GOOD”.  Most translations say very good.  But I learned that in semitic language and culture, if you wanted to stress something, you’d say it twice.  That’s why in the Old Testatment, God is said to be holy, Holy, HOLY (three times).  Creation–animals, plants, the ocean–are said to be good.  But HUMANITY is said to be Good, GOOD!

I can’t be fully me living in shame and fear.  So I turn back to God in prayer and ask, “who I am”.  And he says, “you’re mine.  you belong to me.  I love you.  I bless you.”

Name the fear so that you can be properly named as the beloved!  In belovedness, be ye transformed.

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