Lenten Homily – 3.5.2018

Reading 1, Second Kings 5:1-15
Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 42:2, 3; 43:3, 4
Gospel, Luke 4:24-30


A few years ago, I was doing a personal retreat and I had the opportunity to meet with a Benedictine monk for spiritual direction.  During one of his retreat talks, he said that God mediates himself through creation.  I imagine that a theology of mediation is crucial in Catholicism especially because of their view on the Eucharist.  I usually “feel” or intuit things first and then my brain needs to catch up.  So when he said those words, I got it…in my gut.

I thought about how the Psalmist says that the heavens declare His glory.
I thought about how Paul in the Romans says that creation is waiting for the manifestation of God’s glory.
I thought about how I’ve been on beautiful backpacking hikes and have been in awe of the beauty.
Just yesterday, wifey and I went to the beach.  “I just want to feel how small I am and how big the ocean is.”  I thought about how big the ocean is and how God made it.  It worked.  I felt small again.

In the first reading for today, God mediates healing and a wise word through three acts of creation.

Act 1:  God mediates his word of healing through Elisha the prophet.  God has always spoke to and through people who follow him.
Act 2:  God uses the river/water.  Naaman is told to wash himself 7 times in the river to be healed of a skin disease (leprosy).  Water, throughout the bible, is a property of cleansing and new life.  That’s why we baptize.
Act 3:  God uses Naaman’s cohort to give him communal wisdom.  Naaman gets upset because there a lot of rivers in his village that he could have washed himself in.  But Naaman’s cohort give him some “community wisdom” so that he ends up the river.  God has used people to learn from as we make decisions in life.  Some even push back on our original thoughts, showing us that we’re limited in our thinking.

As we encounter God in our lives, see how he uses creation to mediate his purposes and word in our lives.

“Jesus, give us eyes to see and ears to hear how you are mediating your will and guidance in our lives.”

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