Lenten Homily – 3.2.2018

Readings:  Genesis 37:3-4, 12-13, 17-28, Psalm 105:16-21, John 3:16, Matthew 21:33-46

I have a few dreams that, to be honest, haunt the crud out of me.  I have this love/hate relationship with them.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t dream because I feel like they haunt me to keep pursuing them.

Dreams cause us to endure and persevere as we chase dreams.  I don’t think I’d be a corporate chaplain or drummer if it wasn’t for deep seeded dreams that were planted in me years ago.

There have been people in my life who didn’t believe in my dreams.  I’ve had people tell me I’m crazy to be a minister in the workplace.  That’s never really bothered me.  I’ve had people discourage certain dreams in me and they’ve been well intentioned.  No harm.  No foul.

God has a dream to see creation and humanity healed and empowered to flourish.  As God’s sons and daughters, we are called his beloved.  The readings for today paint a picture of a son who is deeply loved.  He also has dreams.  These dreams get Joseph sold into slavery.  Whatever he believed about these dreams, they somehow preserved him through great adversity.

I Psalm 105, we get the redemptive part of Joseph’s story:  he becomes the prime minister of Egypt and counsels the Pharaoh through a time of great famine.

I sure hope that my dreams are realized, even as I go through my own struggles.  I hope my dreams sustain me through the questions and doubts that I experience.

Part of dreaming is lament:  anguish, loss, doubt, unwanted, unloved, not being believed in, loss of opportunity, growing pains…

It seems like God too cares about dreams.  I wonder if he’s the dream giver and I wonder if that changes the way I live out the hope…

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