Lenten Homily – 3.1.2018

Readings:  Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 1, Luke 16:19-31

The prophet Jeremiah lays down some truth:  we’re sure to fail if we SOLEY trust in our own abilities and our “hearts turn away from the Lord”.  Verse 6 paints a picture of a person in a desert without water.

The blessing is found in verses 7 and 8:  the blessed person is one who trusts and puts their confidence in the Lord.  Compared to the “my-own-ability-I-don’t-need-anybody” person who is in a parched desert, the person who takes on a posture of humility and admits that they don’t have all the answers or resources is a tree planted by streams of water.

In my experience of following Jesus, there’s a stark difference when I begin the day, decision-making, parenting, marriage–pretty much all things–with a profound sense of knowing that I can trust a God who loves us:  who is for us, with us, and unto us.

I love the 12 Step tradition because it starts with a confession and admission that we don’t have the power to make our lives work on our own.  I’ve screwed up so many times in my life that pain has brought me to my knees.

One and I truly want our lives altered and changed.  We don’t really want to live petrified, anxious, irritated, and busy all the time.  We’re like hurried humans who aren’t human-being.  We have such a fear of missing out, not being good enough, not having enough, or feeling overwhelmed by political/world events that we forget our true north:  Jesus calling us friends and breathing his life into us.

One of the temptations I’m currently confessing is the spirit of distraction.  Our focus is to be Christ centered, with our minds and hearts meditating on the One who loves us.  And yet social media, the news, and my own petulance distract me from the One who calls me His own.

Father, I confess my tendencies to do life on my own.  Help me to trust you in all things.  Amen

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