A Vision Much Larger

The unity of these three realities creates a healthy balance that helps to keep me truthful, loving, and generous.  

  • Aware of God
  • Aware of myself
  • Aware of others

In Richard Rohr’s language, I seek the good, the true, and the beautiful as I become aware of God, myself, and others.  

This triad creates a healthy perspective of autonomy, togetherness, and expansion of heart.  I find that it’s too easy to sit on the sofa and disconnect myself from each of these mental models, thus becoming someone who is not experiencing the true, the good, the beautiful.  I can’t do that if I’m cutting myself off from these realities.  

Becoming aware of God helps me to enlarge my small vision for life and meaning.  God’s vision is much larger and includes the world, as well as my relationship with coffee owners who make the best pour over!  God’s kingdom attends to the larger questions and adventures that make us humans alive.  

Becoming aware of myself is critical so that I can cultivate the gifts of what is true, beautiful, and good.  This gets tiresome and I’ve been reminding myself not to get weary of well-doing.  It also means that I might need more time in nature to see God’s goodness and beauty.  Slowing down and listening helps me to come in touch with who I am.  

Becoming aware of others reminds me of God’s ultimate Garden of Eden, Heaven-on-Earth reality, where there is justice, peace, and joy amongst humanity and creation. The sort of world that we strive for where people are dignified, creation is cared for (and not exploited), and where humans can thrive.  TBH, staying off of social media has given me more hope.  There are too many videos and comments of people degrading themselves and others for the sake of a laugh or like.  It is burdensome to see that.  The temptation is to cut myself off completely from others so that I don’t have to deal with it.  But cutting off and not dealing with it only makes things worse.  

Today, I am filled with hope that God longs to turn the hearts of humanity towards one another so that we might cultivate what is true, good, and beautiful.  I pray that I would be such a person as well.  

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