The One Thing Parents Can Do

Through the years, so many conscientious parents have asked me, “How can I spare my children this discord through which I have had to pass?” My answer has always been something of a disappointment to them. The one thing parents can do for their children is live their lives as fully as they can, for this will open the children’s imagination, grant permission to them to have their own journey, and open the doors of possibility for them. Wherever we are stuck, they will have a tendency to be stuck also or will spend their life trying to overcompensate. Living our own journey as fully as possible is not only a gift to our soul, it also frees up the generation behind us to live theirs as well. The very freedom to live our lives that we wished from our parents, we thereby grant to our children to live theirs.

Hollis, James. Living an Examined Life

“I want to be a good parent”. I’d imagine most parents want this. I want this. So what’s it going to take?

Hollis suggests it will require for us to live as fully as we can. Freedom to live from our depths. To do the work of getting unstuck and to come back to our main task(s).

You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate this invitation. We all have places where we feel stuck, feeling like we’re not listening and stretching beyond our comfort zones.

For the sake of our children, may we live fully free with open imagination, listening to the still, small voice that is calling us to fullness.

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