Masculinity – Self Mastery

Here’s a Diddy from Timothy Keller…

Men who indulge…We’ve certainly seen our fair share of men who live in excess. Politicians, church leaders, neighbors, executives, athletes. We may even be “that dude”.

For all the masculine wars I’ve seen online about how to define masculinity, there is still a need for men to be taught self-mastery. We need other men who can model for us what this looks like in relation to sex, relationships, money, power, and curiosity. I also think we need women who model self-mastery. I guess we men might benefit from a masculinity that is caught and learned by observing both men and women who embody this self-mastery.

I think I’m a hard ass because I immediately think of how much culture sucks at self-mastery. Look at the scandals, the shootings, and the overt addiction to consumerism (in many shapes and forms). Men are being released into society who have not learned to rule themselves, let alone “rule” others.

I recently met with a new friend who is a later stage in life . I’m learning about long term financial investments living and about re-inventing yourself at different stages of life. What I admire about Cliff is that he’s been working on self-mastery for 6 decades. And he’s still willing to learn how to go about it.

We need a recovered manhood that isn’t so much about being an MMA fighter who carries a gun or about a passive, soft spoken introvert that wears sweaters everyday. We need a manhood that is about self-mastery and learns to be released from the unhealthy cycles of excess and indulging.

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