Richard Mouw and the Workplace

“Christ will transform culture at the end time. The ships of Tarshish, presently vessels that serve rebellious designs, will someday carry the wealth of the nations into the presence of the Creator…Human culture will someday be transformed. Does this mean, then, that we must begin that process of transformation here and now? Are we as Christians called to transform culture in the present age? Not, I think, in any grandiose or triumphalistic manner. We are called to await the coming transformation. But we should wait actively, not passively. We must seek the City which is to come.”

Richard J. Mouw. When the Kings Come Marching In: Isaiah and the New Jerusalem

Christ will transform the workplace at the end of time.  God cares about the workplace, the workers, and their work.  How can we actively await and seek the City which is to come in the workplace?  We can promote policies that create equity and equality for all ethnicities and gender, providing pathways for all to succeed.  We can be a healing workplace that is a safe refuge for those that are hurting in their personal lives.  We can instill corporate policies and values that uphold the dignity of humanity, treating one another with deep value and worth.  We can implement fair wages for all and create a culture of trust, joy, and safety for all.  

We can actively await the City in the workplace by instituting practices that create healthy organizational culture so that all can flourish.  

As Christ followers, we believe that the Spirit of God empowers us to reflect God’s glory in all that we do in the workplace.  Our words, actions, policies, and intentions can all be instruments of God’s grace.  As Mouw says, these beliefs are undergirded by the theological truth that earth is indeed the Lord’s.  He rules and reigns.  And we get to participate in this Kingdom reality in the workplace.  

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