Musician Confession

“When I am weak, he is strong”.  1 Cor. 12

Musicians can struggle so much with identity and self-worth.  Imagine putting yourself out there for everyone to hear/see/experience YOU.  Your talent is your heart on display for all to see…and critique.  

It’s better to confess up front that there are parts of me that want to impress you, excite you, and have you adulate me.  I want affirmation and “that was awesome” comments.  

It’s not easy being a musician, but we play and sing because if we don’t, something will die in us.  

I can picture the first worship session of U18 being a moment of confession and asking for the blessing of the congregation.  

“We confess:

Our surrender to the Lordship of Jesus

Our true selves that long to express gratitude, worship, and hope through music

Our false selves that struggle with identity, self-worth, and brokenness

Our need for one another on this stage, and our struggle to be transparent interdependent,

Our longing to see the Kingdom of God come, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our deep humility and gratitude for the opportunity to serve Jesus and you.  We are grateful.

“We ask that you bless us, cover us, pray for us.  We ask that you forgive us when we hit wrong notes or try too hard.  Mostly, we ask that you’d be open to receive from the Father what he longs to bestow upon us all this week.  We are all tribe of people that will not make it about the stage or the lights but about letting Jesus shine through our collective worship and praise.”  


How is God shaping me to be a musician that honors Him and my fellow bandmates?


Lord, make us instruments of grace, breaking in and through our brokenness.  Shine through the cracks.  We are earthen vessels and ask that you display your glory in and through us, collectively as a band and family.


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