Oceanside – Welcoming but Segregated (Case Study)

I periodically connect with people at Starbucks (where I study) and meet new people.  It helps me to get a feel for how people experience Oceanside.

Darryl is an African American (spitting image of Tiki Barber!) that has been in the navy for 16 years and feels like he’s enjoyed his career.  He has 3 more years and is looking forward to retiring.

I asked Darryl to give me a sense of how he experienced the City of Oceanside and if there have been any specific ways that have been helpful to him.

  • Welcoming:  He feels like Oceanside (the O) has been very kind and welcoming to him.  But he also mentioned that the O is segregated (east side is latino/blacks) and west side is more middle/upper class.  San Diego has been very welcoming and opened his eyes to so much more he hadn’t experienced (grew up in Ohio).
  • Faith Community:  Darryl felt like he really connected with the Rock Church in San Diego and their North County campus.  Specifically, he mentioned the worship music, how organized the service projects were (easy to plug in, provided breakfast or lunch, his friends wanted to participate with him because he was so excited about it).


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