God Catching Our Attention

Everyone has a view of God.
Everyone has a theology of God.

One view is that we reach out to God.  We go to church, pray, read the bible.  It feels like we have to do all the work.  My upbringing was filled with this view.

Another view is that God is trying to get our attention, “trying to draw us into a reciprocal conscious relationship” (William Barry, Finding God in all things).

St. Ignatius believed that every moment of our lives, God is initiating relationship with us.  In doing so, God is attempting to introduce Himself to us, shaping and reshaping our views of who God is, that we might become aware of his existence and presence.

If safety and trust are key elements in a relationship, and if God is love, then we can presuppose that God is attempting to communicate to us, in every aspect of our daily living, an awareness of who God is.

We don’t read the bible to get close to God.  We read the bible to discover how close God has already been to us.  John 1 says that God became flesh and made his habitation among us.  He moved into the neighborhood and into our homes.  This view of God assumes a longing for humanity.  Discovering and deepening our awareness of God’s nearness is the purpose of prayer, table fellowship, study.

How is God present to you this moment?
How is God trying to catch your attention today?

Father/Brother/Mother/Friend/Savior:  Grant us eyes to see and ears to hear how you are among us today.

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