Personal Retreat and Family Vacation


I’ve been on personal and retreat and family vacation for the last few weeks.  It’s the longest stretch of time I’ve taken off…ever.

The Need for Rest and Recovery

My work demands a lot of time with people.  It’s what I love to do.  It’s who I am.  Yet I’ve also noticed that in order for me to be a competent loving presence with others, I must undergo my own personal ways of refreshing, resting, and recovering.


This past season of work has been tough.  There have been multiple deaths of dear friend-employees.  This was laden with hospital and home visitations, meetings with family members, working through grief with current employees.

It has also been a season of realizing that I cannot meet all the needs and wants.  So I’m learning to do what I can and be where I can.

The time off has not been me kicking up my feet and watching TV all day long.  It hasn’t been me eating ice cream and surfing the internet.  Nor has it been a “let’s party all week long” type of time off.  There has been silence, solitude, cycling, reading, being in the mountains, visiting a retreat center, playing with my sons, spending more one and one time with Christina, and reflecting.  Oh, and a cruise.  :).

This time has reminded me of the need to pray, play, and work.  That we need a rhythm for each.  It’s just as important to recreate and play as it is to meditate and reflect.  It’s just as important to ride my bike as it is to work.

I even had a chance to organize my garage and build my first ever storage ceiling system.    I enjoyed working with my hands and feeling accomplished.


I’m hoping to enter the second half of work refreshed and with renewed heart and vision  to be a loving presence in the marketplace.

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