Researching Mexican cultural traditions for the dead.  I’m specifically looking at how Mexicans (hispanics, mexican-americans) view cremation.  There are mixed views on it.  Cremation, however, is becoming more acceptable.

“According to beliefs in this culture, the dead return on certain days of the year and are remembered through special events. The body must be buried for this to occur as cremation is not a common option in the Hispanic culture.”

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  1. We just lost someone in my family. Ok, it was a year ago, but it feels like yesterday. The article is absolutely right on female family members caring for the sick. We did, but would’ve appreciated more help from the men folk. I will raise my boys to be more helpful, if I have any. My family is all about cremation and didn’t have a wake. This is where we differ from tradition. We find the usual rites kind of morbid, given that the person’s soul is no longer present. We did have a mass and will have an upcoming one on his birthday.

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