Husband or Wife? The Partner Whose Happiness Matters More For The Marriage

Okay…I agree with this article IF it means that a happy wife is responsible for her own happiness AND that the husband can ADD to this mutually satisfying enterprise.  In other words, I don’t believe that a husband is SOLELY responsible for the happiness of his wife.  That is her inner work to do, with her husband as a partner in the journey.

I have personally noticed that I am happier when my wife is indulging herself in “personal happiness responsibility”.  It spills over into our marriage and my own life.  If she’s happy and I’m not happy, life is still okay.  I can work through with some support.  I would rather see her happy and fulfilled.  It’s easier for me to cope with life when she is in this state.  I’m sure my happiness might affect/impact her as well….That’s been my personal experience and observation.


When the wife is happy with a long-term partnership, the husband is happier, no matter how he feels about the marriage.

For marital quality, it seems the wife’s happiness matters more than the husband’s.

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