Book Recommendation: “Untamed Jesus” by Gerhard Lohfink

I try to read others that are much wiser and smarter than I am.  This book falls under that premise and will be read shortly after I finish my seminary course this fall.  Based on Stanley Hauweraus’ review, there are 4 things that caught my attention:

1.  “Nazi rule in Germany was not some freak event but an indication that a deep moral failing was at the very heart of German life.”

2.  “This suppression of Paul’s message in the ninth through 11th chapters of Romans is what made the unsurpassed horror of Auschwitz possible. Christians’ suppression of Israel and the Jews has also meant that Christians misunderstand the character of the church.”

3.  “Jesus could not have founded a church because there had long been a church—namely God’s people, Israel.”

4.  “Jesus-taming strategies are designed to reduce Jesus to a gifted charismatic who at best can be identified as a gregarious social worker. Jesus is tamed by such descriptions because they conceal his claim to being the truth of God.”

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