The 7 Deadly Sins

The following post is from JesusCreed and is written by John Frye.

I think I might be a “self-flaggellater”.  Any time I can peer into my own soul to find “junk”, I’m all into it.  I’m learning about the 7 deadly sins right now in class (church history) and I liked how the author of the book plants “pride” as the root of all the 7 deadly sins.  Pride isn’t listed as one of the seven because it’s the root.

Transformation of character is the core meaning of discipleship. We must take the devastating consequences of the vices very seriously without losing sight of the hope “that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.” Rebecca writes, “In the Christian tradition, this is not a self-help project but a Spirit-empowered movement.” At the same time she warns that we don’t just drift into holiness, into Christ-like transformation. She encourages us to use the descriptions and expressions of the seven deadly vices as a self-assessment inventory.

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