In God we Trust (…but not the Government)

Throughout the elections, I heard and read statements that sounded something like this:

We can’t trust the Government to fix this economy, the educational system, health care, etc.  We have to trust God, King Jesus, etc.  

Or, take for example, what one theologian wrote:

“But what the Bible would teach us above all in this situation is this: we should not put our trust in government, private industry, or economic theory, whether capitalist or socialist. All of these have failed us miserably in the present crisis, and many times in history. 


I partially agree with this statement.  Here’s what I agree with:

  • We CAN trust God, King Jesus, and the Kingdom of God.  
  • We CAN trust that God loves the World (and the U.S.) and that His heart, in broad strokes, is for redemption, peace, and wholeness.
  • We CAN trust that God is sovereign.

And I partially disagree with the main statement that we can’t trust the Government, that we should not put our trust in man, etc.  Here’s why I disagree:

  • When someone runs for office (Local, State, Nation), they are asking us to trust them.  They are asking that we work together and enter into a form of relationship where decisions will be made.  
  • God uses people to usher in His Kingdom.  He transforms the hearts of humans to establish His Kingdom on earth.  As a friend reminded me today, He uses ordinary people.  I don’t get how can we say not trust “man” but to only trust God when humanly speaking, we thrive best when we can trust one another.  

So I imagine the argument may be that some political leaders are ungodly, self-centered, and cannot be trusted.  I agree!  The bar must be raised.  Our voices must be heard and we must demand more trustworthy people in politics.  Trustworthy folks that can be depended on.  Are they the fix-all solution?  No!  We all are, collectively.  But to say that we can’t trust the government, only in God, is counter-productive.  Yes, we must put our trust in God.  But leadership must also be trusted.  And if they can’t be trusted, we must speak up and demand trustworthy leadership.

I hope the intent of what I’m trying to say is clear.  


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