I felt vulnerable

Yesterday’s post about my church experience left me feeling very vulnerable.  To be honest, I was afraid of how people were going to react or think about me.  Luckily, I got a lot of support and kind words…a lot of empathy as well.

This led me to think of how good the Church really is.  While it is cracked, bruised and bleeding, it is an institution where we find love and support.  It’s funny but after posting yesterday, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for all the brothers and sisters in Christ that I know and have in my life.  They are a true gift and have blessed me richly.  

The same institution that has hurt me has also blessed me.  My life is also better because of these “spiritual” family members that are in my life.  My family has supported, loved, and valued me.  What a gift!  The Church has the capacity to truly love and understand others.  It is precisely because of this that I want to be part of a church community.  I want to love, understand, value, see, and hear others and see that reciprocated!  

A friend of mine called me today and at the end of our conversation, after I told him about my post and about how I felt, he said, “Hey Roy…I love you”.  It pierced my heart.  My friend let me be upset and hurt.  He let me feel what I was feeling.  He was with me in my pain.  I needed to hear those words.  He belongs to a church.  🙂



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