Piano Recital 2012: NAILED IT!

Christopher and David had their first piano recital since starting lessons in March.  They performed very well, staying calm and focused as they played.  I thought maybe they would be shy with everyone looking at them.  But they weren’t.  They were focused and performed their pieces well.

Christopher played “Party Cat” and “Merrily we’re off to school”, while David played “Night Shadows” and “Balloon Ride”.  We’re so proud of them.  They’re really enjoying their lessons and playing.  The rule is that they have to learn how to play the piano, site read and then they can choose whatever instrument they’d like to focus on.

My hope is that they’d love music and create life through it.  If I could dream big….hmmm….”jazz/latin jazz, hip-hop, r&b, funk” fusion sound at concerts, in the studio, in small clubs, at church, at home, around the world!  🙂  Music with meaning.  Music for the heart, from the heart.  Music expressing the creative heart of God.  I hope….

Love you, musician-champs!

David’s Recital:  http://youtu.be/d5uWEhWKBBc

Piano Recital 2012

Piano Recital 2012

Piano Recital 2012

Piano Recital 2012

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