cousins are the key

cousins are the key.

we went to go visit the children’s museum in San Diego today (12/19/2011).  we had such a great time.  we colored, made big bubbles, created artistic pieces with toys, rock climbed and played with magnets.  all fun!

I love my mikey and mia. they are so much fun, respectful and grateful.  i’m so proud of how they’re developing as young teens (soon).  great job parents.


mikey is such the older brother and very caring.  he was having fun and was still concerned about the boys.  he also turned out to have a good eye with the lens.  we need to get him a good camera.


mia is so beautiful and respectful.  a true young lady, with hints of having two older brothers.  🙂  she is very photogenic.  the camera loves her.

we missed christian.  😦

::my boys

this post is mostly about their cousins.  however, they have been so excited having their cousins with them.  they love them so much.

here’s a link to a lot of pictures we took today.  mikey and mia took some of them.

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