Another tooth…lost…well, found, but lost

Christopher lost his fourth tooth today. The story goes that he had just finished school and was waiting at the car line, having his after school snack. While eating his blueberry bar, it fell out. He managed the whole event on his own, washing his mouth out, putting his tooth away (for the tooth fairy…OBVIOUSLY!) and continuing to eat his bar. He’s my little “molacho”! He has a small lisp, which, for some reason, all parents like.

He asked me in the car why we get so happy when he loses a tooth. “It’s part of you becoming a bigger boy. You start losing teeth, a sign of you getting bigger.” We’re all in the process of becoming. I’m grateful we get to share this with our champs.
He put his tooth in a baggy (actually, insisted on it) and is waiting for $5! Tooth Fairy is not in recession. 🙂

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