Happy New Years Eve 2010

It’s 7:20 pm, 12/31/2010. It’s cold outside and warm inside. We’ve invited some friends over last minute to celebrate the turn of a new decade. My God!!! This last decade brought so many changes. Let’s do a quick recap:

2002 – Got married to my Love!
2005 – Bought our first house in Oceanside
2005 – My Champ, Christopher is born! I love that kid.
2006 – My Champ, David is born! I love that kid two.
2006 – I enter full-time ministry as youth pastor/corporate chaplain.
2008 – We start attending Coast Vineyard.
2009 – Youth Pastor at Coast.
2009 – I become a seminary student at Bethel Seminary (Masters in Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy)
2010 – Christopher starts kindergarten. David starts Pre-k.
NOTE: I’m going to add way more entries as we go along. Mostly, I wanted to start this entry with what remains of this year/decade.
BTW – I’m sick with some type of upset stomach on NYE! There’s so much good food downstairs and I can’t eat any of it! UGGHH!
I really want to say that I’m grateful for my Christina, my boys, my family and close friends. I’m really grateful for God’s love and grace in our lives. We are truly blessed.
Thanks 2000’s! You brought joy and sorrow. He provided strength, hope and faith! 🙂

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