Christmas 2010 – Opening Gifts. Sharing Special Moments.

Christmas Eve 2010 is HERE! It’s been a hectic and stressful season for us; mostly because we’ve had a lot going with work, school, kids, etc. Christopher just finished the first half of his kindergarten school year. He’s been doing great! The three R’s are going great. He’s learning so fast. Mrs. Kincade continues to tell us how well he is doing and how well-behaved he is. She says, “He’s got such a gentle spirit to him”. Thank God!

David has been doing well in pre-k and speech therapy as well. He has a lot going on with both school and speech therapy. I’m so proud of how hard he works at speech. His therapists, Merry and Debbie both enjoy him and say that he’s determined to do what they’re asking him to do. They say he’s such a fighter. 🙂 I’m so proud of you son!

Ok, back to Christmas. We just finished opening most of the presents and stocking stuffers. This year, momma made out with the best stocking stuffers. I didn’t get her anything last year and she reminded me of it quite a number of times. So, I had to step it up this year. I got her all kinds of goodies. I don’t remember doing stocking stuffers growing up so it’s been fun to do them. They’re actually one of my favorite parts of the gift exchanges. Not sure why…they’re little trinkets, candies and special gifts. They’re fun!

The boys got remote control cars from Grandpa and Grandma from the snow. We were not expecting them and they were such great surprises. They also got puzzles, play foam, great stocking stuffers like a bubble gum machine, more toys and more books!

Christina gave me pictures in frames of the boys’ school pictures from this year. They’re specifically for my office. I needed them. I’ve been dying to add some personal touches to the office. So excited!

I’ll be on vacation for the next 9 days! So excited. I’m looking forward the break. We’re driving to Tucson, AZ to play/sing with Marla for a New Year’s Eve Celebration at GTTN. Looking forward to the new year. New opportunities. Newness period.
Btw…I’m playing tomorrow morning, Christmas Day, at 4am. Oh Lord Help Me! Good Times!
I’m mostly grateful for Christina and the boys. It takes a lot of work to have a good family and marriage. I feel like we have both. Sure we have bumps along the way. We argue, get mad and frustrated but we are learning to be quick about forgiving one another. There’s a lot of love in this family and I ask God that He continue to shower His grace over us as parents and spouses; that we would learn to live and love well with one another.
Thank You, Father, for the gift of family and redemption. You know what that means…even more than I do. Father, I’m also grateful for the support of extended family members and friends. We could not do life this well without them. Thanks for your love and heart towards us.
Here’s a video of the kids opening up the Christmas gifts that Grandma and Grandpa from the snow sent them….

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