Christmas Party 2010

The boys had Christmas parties with their classes today. It was also their last day of school prior to starting Christmas break for two weeks.

[left to right: Christopher, Drew Barnard, David, Natalie, Aaron)
I kept thinking about how missed “last days” excitement when I was in school. Christmas parties, excitement over sleeping in and not having homework…
Christopher and David were both very excited today. I had a chance to be at both of their parties for a little while.
[the boys opening up stocking stuffers]
Christopher’s class did a “Stocking Stuffer” deal where all the students brought items to put in each students’ stocking. Mamma and the boys bought stuffers last night!
David participated in a book exchange. He got a Dr. Seuss book…something about Wows and Cows!
Christmas break this year about resting and vegging. We’re a family that goes pretty hard a lot of the days. There’s work, school, homework for all four of us, cleaning, laundry, music rehearsals, extended family, errands, lots of communicating, arguing, laughing, crying and asking for forgiveness. Doing life and love well are hard work. It’s a learning process that can be draining at times, but well worth it.
This Christmas season, I pray for a sense of peace and rest over our family. I also pray for times to be with one another in simple ways. Maybe it’s watching basketball together (which Christopher and I like to do). Or eating dinner together. Or just laying in bed together.
Slow down. Breathe. Listen. Enjoy each other. That sounds like a good recipe for the holiday season.
Peace be with us,

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