Dancing is liberating

This past weekend, we were watching the AMA’s off and on.  My boys have a bent towards music and when they hear something they like, they’ll start dancing or listening intently to the music or start banging the drums at home.  So, when Marc Anthony started singing his hook for the latest “dance song”, Christopher started dancing! Honestly, I wish I was that free to dance.  I’ve never been a good dancer.  I’m too embarrassed and I’ve never had the hips (“…hips don’t lie”).  But my sons….they just go for it.   He provided authentic entertainment.  Thanks, Champers!

David Making Music

Our friend Marla Reid went to Nepal on a missions trip this October.  She surprised us by getting us an authentic Nepalese drum.  Well, David got a hold of it and he looked like little “Ricky Ricardo”.  He has not stopped playing the drum.  I love it!  It’s “music” to my ears (wink-wink)!  I really hope the boys take to music and become musicians. Music is such a gift and I hope they’re music lovers.  It’s my hope.   Proud of my son, David.  He has so much rhythm and he “feels” the music.  I love you, champ!

Christopher and David dancing to some Hip-hop (you can tell who they get their dancing skillz from!)

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