Morning Mess

Don’t write or talk until there has been time allotted to silence and solitude, prayer and reflection, lament and repentance. The mind and heart may not know what truth and love really are.

If I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is check my messages or jump on social media, I lose the magic of a subconscious that has been released through sleep, dreams, and rest.

But if I can overcome the temptation of social media stimulation and messages, then I may have a chance at entering into Presence and peace.

There are too many inner demons that are trying to distract and deter me. I need to hear the Voice of Love and Truth. Especially in the morning when it feels like there’s a fresh start at life.

Poets, Sabbath, spiritual formation, Wendell Berry

Here’s a post about Sabbath, Poets, and Wendell Berry.

I have been trying to understand and practice Sabbath much more than ever.  It’s not just about rest.  It’s about cultivating the practice of being with God.  The writer says it’s also about justice.

I’m also learning that poets are true geniuses.  They see and say things that most don’t see or say.

You have been given questions to which you cannot be given answers. You will have to live them out – perhaps a little at a time.’
And how long is that going to take?’
I don’t know. As long as you live, perhaps.’
That could be a long time.’
I will tell you a further mystery,’ he said. ‘It may take longer.’
Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow

Sabbath and Wendell Berry (by Sara Barton)