For Research: Here’s How To Prevent The Next School Shooting, Experts Say : NPR Ed : NPR

This article is a great plan and resource for reducing violence and gun related issues. Posting it for future use.

Here’s How To Prevent The Next School Shooting, Experts Say : NPR Ed : NPR
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And, these experts say, you remove the major “environmental hazard” that contributes to gun violence: the guns. The eight-point plan calls for universal background checks, a ban on assault-style weapons, and something called Gun Violence Protection Orders: a type of emergency order that would allow police to seize a gun when there is an imminent threat.

What sets this call to action apart from other policy proposals is not gun control, however, but the research-based approach to violence prevention and response. This is a long haul, say the experts, not a quick fix.

“No matter what you try to do by just hardening the target, we’ve learned that having the armed officers isn’t necessarily going to stop it,” says Matthew Mayer at Rutgers. “Having the metal detector or the locked doors isn’t going to stop it. The hard work is a lot more effort. You’d better start thinking in a more comprehensive manner about prevention instead of reacting.”

If Gun Regulation worked in Australia…

Thank God for people like Jon Stewart and John Oliver.  Since gun regulation measurements were passed through law in 1996, there have not been any mass shootings in Australia.  Even conservative, “I have a right to bear arms” politicians were grateful for the regulation.

So here’s my question:  If there was any chance that gun regulations would work to reduce mass shootings, isn’t it worth trying?  If another country has successfully reduced mass shootings, is it worth it to learn from them and try it?

I don’t want to resort to an ideology or argument about the right to bear arms.  I want to stay focused on reducing mass shootings and staying focused on the issue at hand.  Would you and I consider what it might look like to do something about the mass shootings and not simply argue about our rights to bear arms?  If regulating guns would work, isn’t it worth trying?