Prayer for Hatred and Hostility


I was convicted recently over an article I read regarding hatred. As a Christ follower, we seek reconciliation with God, our neighbor, and our self. Even if we get upset about political or social matters, we are not to be driven by hatred or stay in a place of hostility.

This hatred and hostility does not represent the character of Christ. I’d like to publicly repent (and lament) over moments of hatred and hostility that I’ve had regarding certain political figures, social justice issues, and even religious topics. I confess my own lack of compassion and moments that I’ve noticed hatred and hostility in my heart. There is no place for that in my heart, words, and deeds.

God is compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in love. I hope and pray to reflect that as a chaplain, brother, father, husband, friend, neighbor, and musician (that about covers all my areas of life).

Can I invite us take a moment to confess, lament, and repent over our hatred and hostility, trusting that the God of compassion longs to heal us and deliver us…..

Lord, forgive us for having hatred and hostility in our hearts. May you heal us and grant us your Holy Spirit to remake us into Your Son’s image, Christ our Savior.

May the Lord watch over our city and communities.
May the Lord deliver us from this pandemic.
May we trust the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Overcoming Family Hurts

Here are some practical tips that can help with healing family relationships:  “Choose to forgive. Holding onto a grudge will only eat you up inside and cause huge family rifts. The only thing worse than not speaking to a family member for three years is not speaking to them for three years and one day.”