A Vision Much Larger

The unity of these three realities creates a healthy balance that helps to keep me truthful, loving, and generous.   Aware of God Aware of myself Aware of others In Richard Rohr’s language, I seek the good, the true, and the beautiful as I become aware of God, myself, and others.   This triad creates a healthy … Continue reading A Vision Much Larger

God Has Our Best Interest

se conversations happen in the hospital room, hospice, or in someone's living room. They're obscure places, hidden, in solitude. They smile and gently squeeze my hands, assuring ME that they're going to be ok. There is a lightness in the room, a sense that whatever fear or worry they've had, it's been shared with Jesus and He is assisting in carrying the cross with them.

Dealing with Uncertainty

We have felt so many threats these last two years: pandemic, school shutdowns, political wars, US vs THEM outbreaks (vax vs unvaxxed, what's the truth). There seems to be so much uncertainty that causes distress. Who can you trust? What can you trust?

Courage and Peacemaking

In Thich Nhat Hanh's book on anger, he invites us to cultivate peace in our hearts instead of trying to find it "out there". We must learn how to acknowledge our anger and cradle it as a baby infant so that we don't act out in tantrums.

By the time I hear

By the time I hear the phrase “lack of communication”, the person saying it is already feeling isolated and unappreciated. They might even feel angry, anxious, or irritable. When people say there is a lack of communication on the team, I ask them to share a story or an example. And what I really hear … Continue reading By the time I hear

Starting point

Before trying to "fix" a problem and when trying to figure out "what's going on", Start where people are ...not where you think they are or should be, or where you are. Find out where they are by listening, being curious, and asking further questions for clarity.

God, Come Through!

‘See, the home* of God is among mortals.He will dwell* with them;they will be his peoples,*and God himself will be with them;*he will wipe every tear from their eyes.Death will be no more;mourning and crying and pain will be no more,for the first things have passed away.’Revelation 21 God became human form that human form … Continue reading God, Come Through!

Difficulties in Prayer

Reading and reflecting on "Guided by the Spirit: A Jesuit Perspective on Spiritual Direction" by Frank J. Houdek, SJ I remember Eugene Peterson once saying that someone wanted to talk to him about their marriage issues.  But before they started, he asked them about their prayer life.  What does prayer have to do with marriage … Continue reading Difficulties in Prayer

Robes and Vulnerability

“They dressed him (Jesus) up in an elegant robe”Luke 23:11 They’re obviously mocking Jesus. He was stripped, practically naked. Was his vulnerability too much for them?Was he too exposed?The image too real?His heart of love worn on his sleeve too much for them? He was naked.They mocked him. Did they, for a moment, realize that … Continue reading Robes and Vulnerability

A Cold December

December 2020 has been cold. We have great weather in San Diego year round. Usually in the 70s. So when it drops to the 30s and 40s at night, or we try to go cycling in 45 degree weather morning time, I complain and fret. I’m sleepier during the hour change. The colder, dry weather … Continue reading A Cold December

Morning Mess

Don’t write or talk until there has been time allotted to silence and solitude, prayer and reflection, lament and repentance. The mind and heart may not know what truth and love really are. If I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is check my messages or jump on social media, … Continue reading Morning Mess

Leadership and Civility

In Scott Peck’s book, “A World Waiting to be Born:  Civility Rediscovered”, we learn that in order to become healthy organizations, we need to discover the art of civility.  Every organization will inevitably have conflict.  He goes on to say that, “As consciously motivated organizational behavior, civility (like healthy civics) requires consciousness of one’s self, … Continue reading Leadership and Civility

Morning Prayer

From the Divine Office: (A needed prayer for the rhythms of work) We thank you, Lord, for enlightening us through your Son,— fill us with his light throughout the day.Enlighten us, Lord. Let your wisdom lead us today, Lord,— that we may walk in the newness of life.Enlighten us, Lord. May we bear hardships with courage … Continue reading Morning Prayer

The Art of Dying

When I first started doing ministry and chaplaincy work, I was faced with my own mortality. It didn't take long for me to learn that death was real. My first funeral I officiated was my baptism into this new reality. I didn't realize that the person we were honoring that day--that even their death--they were … Continue reading The Art of Dying

Our God Reigns

There are numerous instances in my life where things (an event, musical piece, relationship, school paper, work situation, a basketball game) seem to be spinning of out control. Chalk it up to things like unknown variables, high emotions and tempers, fears or concerns, or multiple voices.Whatever it is, I feel like I'm spinning. Usually, it … Continue reading Our God Reigns

Mutual Empowerment

Since the pain and hurt we feel as a nation is caused by un-wielded power, empower others. How? Here's an example. A wealthy, white business man took a chance to empower me for a new service at his company. I provide corporate chaplaincy services to a dealer group because someone believed in me and gave … Continue reading Mutual Empowerment