On Seeking God’s Help…

A prayer of participating in God’s redemptive work…He’s not a puppet master that pulls strings.  He has created us to be coworkers, co-creators, co-participants.  That means we do His work WITH him.

“If I am actually to do it, I must ask for your help
and mercy, ask you to fill with wind the sails
I have hoisted for you and to carry me
forward on my course—to breath, that is,
your Spirit into my faith . . . and to enable me
to continue . . .”
(Hilary of Poitiers, 4th c.)

Humility and Hospitality

Humility and hospitality are the great virtues of the faith and are markers of true spirituality in a person’s life.  

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Marriage Enrichment

“A happy marriage is one where there is a relatively high degree of mutual need satisfaction.  Conversely, an unhappy marriage has a high degree of mutual need deprivation.  If a relationship produces chronic, unmet emotional hungers, it will diminish the self-esteem of those involved, resulting in rejection, anger, and aggression.”

– Howard Clinebell

This vision of eternity c…

This vision of eternity calls each hearer to a here-and-now choice with eternal consequences. 28 Rather than offering a speculative theory of eternity, Wesley asked his hearers personally and earnestly, if your life is indeed cast within time, which stands always in relation to the eternal, what are you choosing to do with it? Eternity places a decisive challenge before our lives, calls us to a specific decision: a relation of eternal happiness with the eternal Life-giver, or a relation of eternal misery in turning away from that eternal happiness. We are rational creatures and have the power to choose.

Oden, Thomas C. John Wesley’s Teachings, Volume 1

Eternity places a decisive challenge before our lives, calls us to a specific decision..