Compassion and Character Development

“God of justice, love, and mercy” are the lyrics to a song. And this God seeks to meet our needs. Jesus says in Matthew 15:32, “I have compassion for these people…” He goes on to meet the needs of the people without them even asking, which can suggest that God sees our needs and longs…

Workplace Prayers: Week of November 11-2019

Lord God Almighty, the One who works on our behalf, Make your face shine on us as we enter into the day’s work. Satisfy us with your loving-kindness that we might praise you as we attend to our daily tasks. Help us not to forget that you are with us in our cubicles, office, showroom…

Making It Work Podcast Series

Here’s a resource on theology of work by the Fuller Depree Center and the Theology of Work site. It’s a series inviting us to converse about work’s biggest challenges. It covers topics like calling and work-life boundaries. Theology of Work podcast

Resource: The Church Needs Business People (A theology of Work and Church)

First off, I’m posting this a resource and saver for some really good stuff on business and how the church has mucked it! Working within a business environment, I see the disparity between church and the workplace. I really enjoyed reading through these posts and hope you’ll take the time to read carefully through them….

Learning from Monks about Work

“When a recent Pew survey asked what gives Americans a sense of meaning, thirty-four percent mentioned their careers—making this the second most common answer after family. As theology scholar Jonathan Malesic writes, in the United States, finding meaning through work is a concept that has been closely associated with Christianity. But Christian theology may also offer…

Faith and Work Resource from Fuller Seminary

Fuller Seminary has always been a frontrunner in exploring topics relevant to the needs and questions of the times. Here’s a series of videos they produced on the integration of faith and work. source: a second article on how faith and work is essential [posting to share and to save]

Faith-Work Integration: Trendy or Essential? (Fuller Article)

Folks at Fuller Seminary’s Studio is doing some great work with art, business, and theology. Here’s a piece by Dr. Mark Robert’s on integrating faith and work. Source:  Genesis thus reveals God as a worker. Yes, God’s way of working is distinctive. Nevertheless, God works. And, as we see repeatedly in the text, God appreciates…