Repost: Porn and the Sacred

I was making a list of pastoral theology books today in case I get to teach a course. I had to add Ronald Rolheiser to my list. His books and site are a pastoral diamond mine! It’s no surprise that his recent post on pornography came from an angle of deep faith and spirituality. He’s…

Ten Missiological Principles

Many moments of learning to be faithful lead me back to simple things like God’s desire to be near and close to humanity and creation. The God of the Bible is not one to be distant, full of vengeance, or cold-rigid-frigid. Incarnational, caring, compassionate, just. That’s the God of the Bible. Followers of Jesus are…

Ronald Rolheiser on Gratitude

Gratitude is the opposite of anger and we have too little gratitude in our lives. We are generally more angry than grateful. Moreover, to the extent that we even admit that we are angry, we tend to rationalize this by either dogma or cause… Ronald Rolheiser

Ronald Rolheiser Article: Living with Frustration and Tension

…too many of us were not taught that life is hard, that we have to spend most of it waiting in one kind of frustration or other, and that this is the natural state of things. Too many of us were given a false set of expectations. We were given the impression that indeed we…

Ronald Rolheiser on Spirituality and the Seasons of Our Lives

RON ROLHEISER, OMI Speaker, Columnist and Author SPIRITUALITY AND THE SEASONS OF OUR LIVES 2010-08-22 As a young man, Nikos Kazantzakis, the famous Greek writer, contemplated becoming a monk and once spent a summer touring monasteries. Years later, writing on the experience, he recounts a marvelous conversation he had with an elderly monk, Fr. Makarios….