Repost: Porn and the Sacred

I was making a list of pastoral theology books today in case I get to teach a course. I had to add Ronald Rolheiser to my list. His books and site are a pastoral diamond mine!

It’s no surprise that his recent post on pornography came from an angle of deep faith and spirituality. He’s very creative!

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But pornography is not only dangerous, it’s also wrong, badly wrong. Those who protest that sex is beautiful and there should be nothing wrong in seeing it are, in fact, half right; sex is beautiful … but its energy and nakedness are so powerful that it should not be seen, at least not without the deities of love, propriety, and shame in attendance.

Having seen the effects of pornography in people’s lives, having the clothing of love, propriety, and shame. It is an energy that can take over a person’s worldview and life.