Rumors During a Crisis Repost

I’ve wondered how and why so many rumors are believed, shared, and talked about. We are “story” natured so we tend to make meaning through storytelling. These “stories” serve to express feelings and maybe even repressed anxieties we’ve had along the way.

Rumors work in much the same way. We’re trying to make sense of something very important (i.e. #covid19 ) and how ambiguous it is.

There are three types of rumors:

  1. Wedge Drive Rumors: (i.e. the Chinese laboratory manufacturing the virus) a type of rumor that expresses existing hostilities and allows us to find a scapegoat in times of great frustration.
  2. Pipe Dream Rumors: (like the rumor of a vaccine) they help us to express our hopes and wishes.
  3. Bogie Rumors: (i.e. the U.S. military implementing martial law) these help to express our fears—–In the 1940s, a few psychologists studied rumors based on WWII.

This article was super helpful in understanding the posts I see on social media.

Curiosity is Essential to Survival

I wrote this piece for today. I’ve been thinking about what is essential during this pandemic and crisis.

Curiosity is essential to survival.  Grazer uses the example of early life tribes that had to use the power of story to share experiences of new discoveries.  Fire. Water. Discovering that you can boil potatoes. Or wondering if cougars were cool to hang with (not cool!). In our evolving as humans, it’s been curiosity that has helped us discover, invent, and protect.  We’ve had to learn how to survive our whole lives and curiosity has been an agent, a discipline we’ve needed.