Oceanside Church Planting Update

Letter Ethnos Network Global Church Gathering 2019 To My Ethnos Network Fam: Hi!  Roy here from Oceanside, CA (San Diego North County).  I wanted to say how sad I am that I can’t be there with you this week.   Some Family Updates Recently, my mother in law had life saving surgery.  She was going into […]

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Community Miraculous

A new church community is birthed because the Spirit of God is prompting a group of people to enact God’s mission in their sphere of life and influence. The Gospel needs to be proclaimed to a people who may not know the God of liberation, healing, and wholeness. This happens in and through a people called by God to be a witness and sent out into their neighbhorhoods, workplaces, areas of interest, and community.

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Church Planting #1

My evening readings: source Church planting is stretching me in good ways. Mostly, I feel like my commitment to Jesus is deepening. Why am I planting?! I really love Oceanside! I think Jesus loves it way more than me! I want to see a church that mirrors this multi-ethnic and diverse area. My hope is […]

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the Holy Spirit and the Church

So here’s a little diddy: “It is impossible to stress too strongly that the beginning of mission is not an action of ours, but the presence of a new reality, the presence of the Spirit in power.” – Lesslie Newbigin Goheen, Michael W.. The Church and Its Vocation: Lesslie Newbigin’s Missionary Ecclesiology (p. 58). Baker […]

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