Church Vision and Values

We are a community of people who long to see Oceanside thrive in holistic ways. We are learning from the lordship of Jesus what it means to be people of justice and a true narrative that is transforming us and the world.

These biblical values and practices shape who we are and what we do:

Transforming Values

We see faith in Jesus as a journey and attend to our inner life through the following practices:

  • congregational: we meet in missional community settings, share our resources with one another, and we gather to publicly worship and proclaim the Lordship of Christ Jesus.
  • holistic transformation: we value empathy, authenticity, a holistic approach to faith and life, and vulnerability based trust with each other. This wholeness work will change every facet of our lives: spiritual, relational, practical (daily life such as health, finances, etc).
  • spiritual formation: we commit to classic practices such as daily prayer, lectio divina (scripture reading), silence and solitude, and generosity.

Missional Values

We believe God is on mission to redeem and renew creation and humanity. Our values reflect this theological reality:

  • Presence:  we model the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and relational life as the most compelling, true story to transform our lives and this world.
  • Justice:  we work to see marginalized groups of people liberated and thriving.
  • Diversity:  we are intentional about reflecting the diverse ethnic and socioeconomic landscape of Oceanside.

Missional Communities

We are praying for missional communities (MC) to be started in under-represented in the different hubs of Oceanside. A missional community would be facilitated by leaders who have pastoral giftings. The MC would gather on a designated schedule, build one another up, and figure out ways to serve its neighborhood or area of interest. We believe God is at work in and through a collective of people who want to grow together and serve together. We encourage people to participate, start, support, or be committed to a missional community.

EXAMPLE: An example would be our primary residence and neighborhood. We gather on a weekly basis to share a meal and build relationships of support.

EXAMPLE: Another could be an area of interest where a group of people gather around a passion or cause close to their heart. One such example is the spoken word/poetry community.